Exercise Physiologist

Kate, as our Accredited Exercise Physiologist can provide you with information and education about your conditions, build a plan to assist you to improve your ability to engage in your activities of daily living, reduce/manage pain and musculoskeletal conditions, reverse particular medical conditions and improve weight management, build strength including relating to joint replacement, pre and post-surgery or pregnancy.

She will build a program to fit your life, modified specifically to your condition/s, injury or illness.

Kate lives locally with her family; her interests are broad with over 30 years’ experience in the field; she is a parent and grandparent and continues to study on a regular basis, she is knowledgeable and passionate about her chosen field. In an appointment with Kate you will be provided with an activity, progressive sequential stretch or strengthening program to address your condition/s. Kate runs group sessions nearby for those with T2DM and also Hydrotherapy sessions (Indoor Heated Pool with ramp entry).

Talk to your doctor and Book now!  Appointments can be made by phoning 5546 9766.